The process

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Typically, a project managed by ConsultOnline would involve the following stages:

Creation of a consultation strategy

Provision of content
Website text for client approval
Images for client approval
Schedule of posts for client approval
Amendments to website structure, design and content as required
Regular drafting and posting of news, blogs, polls, forums etc
Production of an online newsletter
Updates posted regularly to an agreed timetable

Interaction through social media
Ongoing online communication to extend audiences
Ongoing engagement with stakeholders via the website, email and social media
Contact with organisations such as local authorities to encourage communication of information about the engagement process

Data input
The results of offline consultation events can be processed through a ConsultOnline website, providing a consultation report which includes both online and offline responses

Issues monitoring
Quick responses to resident questions

Comprehensive analytics and data collection, produced on a weekly, monthly or as required basis
Provision of material for consultation report.

Alternative products to suit specific requirements
The variations on the product include a multi-location consultation website, which is a very cost effective tool for developers running more than one consultation and the mini consultation website – a slimmed-down version for developers of small schemes.

Additionally, a CommunitiesOnline website is an adapted consultation website (or can be put in place as a new website if you don’t have a consultation website in place) which enables the development team to continue to communicate effectively with local residents during construction.

For further information about all ConsultOnline products, please email or phone 01480 471000.