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Typical contents of a ConsultOnline website are:

  • Home Page – an introduction to the consultation with links to key pages including the User Guide – view screenshot
  • About the scheme – an introduction to the proposals with interactive maps, including additional pages on subjects such as sustainability and Frequently Asked Questions (which respondents may contribute to) – view screenshot
  • Media gallery – video, image and audio files – view screenshot
  • The team – introduction to the team with hyperlinks to each organisation’s own website and Vcards supply contact data direct to Outlook – view screenshot
  • Planning – an introduction to the planning process, with additional pages for the public exhibition, planning documents and planning timetable – view screenshot
  • Discussion Board – a selection of public forums, polls, picture boards and surveys – view screenshot
  • Blog – an opportunity for ConsultOnline and other members of the project team to post regular updates and encourage responses – view screenshot
  • Contact Us – contact details (downloadable as Vcards) and the opportunity for users to sign up to regular news updates – view screenshot
  • Registration – a means by which users must register to take part in the discussion, according to controls specified by the developer – view screenshot
  • A list of Quick Links on each page, which guide the user to relevant pages elsewhere on the website – view screenshot
  • Privacy and access policiesview screenshot