How does the developer remain in control of the consultation?

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Knowing that some development proposals are more sensitive than others, and that some communities are more vocal than others, each consultation is tailored to the developers’ specific requirements and the level of control can be altered during the consultation.

With ConsultOnline, you can determine who (within a specific postcode area) may post and comment on your website. This can be adapted according to the subject. For example, a large retail scheme may wish to start with a poll asking people to vote on whether they would welcome the new facility, and make this open to anyone in order to show the extent of support. Alternatively, if two design options are open to discussion you may wish to give the very local community the privilege of inputting in the decision, in which case those taking part in the relevant forum can be limited to a very specific postcode area.

You may be concerned that one particular individual is going to dominate discussions, in which case we can apply a maximum number of comments per individual and any comments over this number (which can be set out in the User Guide and amended if necessary) will be refused.

Alternatively we could put in place a system whereby all responses are viewed by ConsultOnline being posted.

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