Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning: a twenty-first century guide

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Chapter 1 Introduction

Part One:  the context of consultation today

Chapter 2 A Brief History of Community Engagement in Planning

Chapter 3 The Political Climate for Community Engagement Today

Chapter 4 Societal Change and Consultation

Chapter 5 The Impact of the Internet on Consultation

Part Two:  the planning process

Chapter 6 The Planning Process and the Role of Consultation

Chapter 7 The Formulation of a Local Plan

Chapter 8 Neighbourhood Planning

Chapter 9 Localism and New Community Rights

Chapter 10 The Process of a Planning Application

Chapter 11 The role of local authorities in considering and determining planning applications

Chapter 12 Appeals and Public Inquiries

Chapter 13 Consulting on a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project (NSIP)

Part Three:  communications strategy and tactics

Chapter 14 Strategy Development

Chapter 15 Tactics to Inform and Engage

Chapter 16 New Consultation Tactics

Chapter 17 Analysis, Evaluation and Feedback

Chapter 18 Reducing Risk in Consultation

Part Four:  post planning

Chapter 19 Community Relations During Construction

Chapter 20 Community Involvement Following Construction

Chapter 21 Conclusion


Appendix 1 Timeline of political events impacting on consultation

Appendix 2 Examples of material and non material planning considerations

Appendix 3 Community involvement strategy outline

Appendix 4 Sample Content for Consultation Websites User Guides



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