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  1. Quality at a price that doesn’t match

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    ConsultOnline clients benefit from the strategic advice of an Associate of The Consultation Institute (skilled and experienced in all aspects of consultation, up to date with case law, guidance and new methodologies), and the tactics of the author of the definitive guide to consultation in planning (Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning: a twenty-first century guide, pub Routledge 2017).

    But not at a price to match – thanks to the unique ConsultOnline template website approach we can offer consultation websites for as little as £2,000 for your second and subsequent schemes:  the ‘multi location consultation website’ approach allows infinite amounts of consultations to be run from a single consultation hub.

    You can view the typical content of a ConsultOnline website, with examples, here and examples of the features here.

    We can provide both online and offline consultation services, taking the responsibility for running a consultation out of your hands entirely and delivering a detailed SCI which meets the requirements of the specific local authority in which your scheme is based.

    Our products are being developed with each new scheme and we have now made it possible to feed off-line consultation responses (meeting notes or survey responses) into the website – enabling us to produce full consultation reports as often as you require.

    Please get in touch with ConsultOnline to find out more.