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I am frequently asked whether clients who run more than one consultation using ConsultOnline can benefit financially from doing so.

My response is to provide all subsequent website not only cheaper, but effectively free.

With the multi-location consultation or community relations website the client buys a single website, a single URL and pays for the hosting of a single website from which micro-sites are based.  Developers pay just for the time taken to install new information, to communicate with users and to monitor each microsite:  design and development costs are not charged.

How it works

ConsultOnline will purchase a domain name in agreement with you.   The suggested format is www.[organisation name].info/[site / location name].

The structure for each website must follow a similar – but not identical – format.  We’re always keen to offer flexibility where it is required, and to develop the functionality as technology moves forward.

Reporting for the multi-location website can be carried out either for each microsite individually or overall.

Each website will be fully accessible on tablets and smart phones in addition to PCs, reflecting the fact that the vast majority of ConsultOnline website users opt to take part in consultations using tablets and smart phones.

As with all ConsultOnline websites, it is possible to attach a multi-location consultation or community relations website to your existing website.


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