What’s involved?

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A typical project will involve the following steps:

Week 1 Initial meeting / project briefing
Creation of project logo and branding if required
Website text drafted for approval
Four month schedule of post drafted for approval
Week 2 Draft website template created for approval
Amendments to website structure, design and content as required
Completion of website, further amends as required
Week 3 onwards Consultation launch via media, social media, contact with local groups
Regular posting of news, blogs, polls, forums etc
Online communication to extend audiences
Constant monitoring
Regular reporting to client
End of developer consultation Provision of material for SCI
Council’s consultation (until a planning decision) Monitoring of website
Regular reporting to client
Planning consent granted Publication through website and social media
Construction commences Website can be adapted as a community relations tool at no extra cost
Sales / lettings phase Website can be adapted for sales / lettings at no extra cost