What’s new?

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ConsultOnline websites feature a range of new consultation tactics:

  • Live discussion forums – view screenshot
  • Interactive maps provided by Google Maps – view screenshot
  • Polls, displaying results on completion – view screenshot
  • Picture boards – enabling individuals to post their ideas in a visual format – view screenshot
  • Blogs – view screenshot
  • Audio files – view screenshot
  • Video (and the potential for respondents to post video) – view screenshot
  • Vcards – providing event and contact information via Outlook – view screenshot
  • Registration for users, defined by the developer to a geographic location and with additional controls (such as the number of posts per respondent or pre-vetting of posts) available as required. – view screenshot
  • Comprehensive analytics provided both through Google Analytics and monitoring features built into the ConsultOnline template – view screenshot
  • Simple, clear and appropriate reporting, adapted to the developers’ requirements – view screenshot