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21st Century Public Consultation

As local residents increasingly communicate online, it has become increasingly popular to consult online.

Comprehensive and controlled, cost effective, and highly regarded by local authorities, ConsultOnline enables developers to reduce spending on exhibitions, newsletters and public meetings.

ConsultOnline provides a service which is accessible, enjoyable and reaches new audiences. Its excellent monitoring, reporting and analysis systems produce thorough and reliable SCIs. Which is how this new web-based service can substantially increase support for development proposals and reduce the likelihood of resubmission and appeals.

From experts in consultation both on and offline, ConsultOnline’s web-based consultation service – combined with our expertise in public affairs and traditional methods of engagement – is the answer to all future consultations.

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News 8 March 2017:  Find out more about Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning: a twenty-first century guide and sign up for advance notification of its publication.

News 19 November 2016:  Penny Norton’s book Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning: a twenty-first century guide is complete and is due to be published by Routledge in June 2017. Follow us on Twitter and view our Consultation Hub for comment and advice on consultation in the meantime.

News 2 March 2016: The first CommunitiesOnline client website is launched, for Essential Living’s Berkshire House.  Find out more on the Consultation Hub.

News 21 May 2015:  Read about the new multi-location consultation website which is a very cost effective tool for developers running more than one consultation