Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning: advance notification of publication

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My book, Public Consultation and Community Involvement in Planning: a twenty-first century guide will be published by Routledge in July 2017.

The twenty-first century has seen significant changes in consultation and community involvement in planning.

Changes to the environment in which community engagement exists include an increased legal requirement to consult; a renewed focus on engagement through ‘Localism’ and other legislative measures; changes to the way in which we, as a society, define ourselves, and advances in technology which enable communities to organise, communicate and respond to development proposals quickly and effectively.

The book assesses the impact of these changes and provides practical advice as to how professionals – property developers and planners, local authorities, the infrastructure and energy sectors – can run effective consultations today.

It also embraces the opportunities posed by new methods of consultation.  A rise in participative initiatives provides effective, ‘two-way’ consultation and more meaningful, qualitative responses.  And as the revolution in online communication has resulted in the majority of development proposals (whether intended by the applicant or otherwise) having an online profile, it addresses the benefits of online consultation.

The first section of the book (chapters 2-5) provides a context for community engagement today.  The second (chapters 6-13), by Martin Hughes, is a discursive view of the process of consultation within the planning systems and the third section (chapters 14-18) looks at the strategy and tactics of consultation.  Finally, chapters 19 and 20 address the continuing role of community involvement both during construction and thereafter. The full content can be viewed here.

I am extremely grateful to a significant number of people who have provided insight through interviews, comment or case studies, resulting in a book which brings together some of the best practice within consultation, community relations and community involvement – from the first planning meeting through to construction and beyond.

“This book is an excellent expose of the science and art of consultation and public involvement in the planning system, looking at how this influences the way development proposals are prepared, pursued and eventually determined.

“I very much welcome this book in the way it assesses good and bad practice from across the country and fully expect it to become a source of guidance and support for all those who want to see an effective and successful planning regime.”

Louise Brooke-Smith – Director, Brooke Smith Planning Consultants
RICS President 2014-2105



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